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Science Fiction Classics #10 Now on Sale [feedly]

Science Fiction Classics #10 Now on Sale
// Black Gate

Science Fiction Classics 10-smallIf you're a pulp fan like me, you're always interested in high quality facsimile reproductions of pulp magazines, especially ones available at reasonable prices. So I was delighted to discovered Science Fiction Classics, a magazine that reproduces a complete pulp magazine with every issue. They've published ten issues so far, focusing (so far) exclusively on that grand old lady of the pulps, Amazing Stories.

The most recent issue, Science Fiction Classics #10, reproduces one of the rarest early pulps, and certainly the rarest issue of Amazing — the very first Amazing Stories Annual, from 1927. It includes the complete Barsoom novel The Master Mind of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and a short story by A. Hyatt Verrill, as well as five reprints — two classics from A. Merritt, including the long novella "The Face in the Abyss" and "The People of the Pit," and tales by Austin Hall, Jacque Morgan, and H. G. Wells. It also contains interior artwork by Frank R. Paul, Gambee, and others. The complete contents are:

Preface by Hugo Gernsback
The Master Mind of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs
"The Face in the Abyss" by A. Merritt (1923)
"The Man Who Saved the Earth" by Austin Hall (1919)
"The People of the Pit" by A. Merritt (1918)
"The Man Who Could Vanish" by A. Hyatt Verrill
"The Feline Light & Power Company Is Organized" by Jacque Morgan (1912)
"Under the Knife" by H. G. Wells (1896)

Science Fiction Classics is published by Pulp Tales Press. Issues are print on demand, and available through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Lulu, and other places. Issue #10 was published on June 3, 2015; it is 132 pages, priced at $12.95. The cover is by Frank R. Paul. Order right at the Pulp Tales Press website.

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