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~ 13 Wild Horror Posters For Your Enjoyment ~ [feedly]

~ 13 Wild Horror Posters For Your Enjoyment ~
// 13

It's time for a change up pitch from Tabonga! Today is just pure eye candy with 13 eye-catching posters that will make your eyeballs pop with pleasure, so, here ya' go...

You can't beat some of these Hammer double bill posters, this one here for example!

Look at this strange Euro poster for THE MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD, pretty weird... I mean, like, it's a freakin' water monster for cripes sake!!

Wow, that red background really makes this one pop for REVENGE OF THE CREATURE.

And, how about this rare British poster for THE FLY, I wonder if it's for a re-release showing.

It's not every day you see such a kitschy poster for GODZILLA, King of the Monsters!

The artwork for this TEENAGE MONSTER poster reminds me of the fifties Beacon paperback sex novel covers!

Love this great looking Euro poster for I, DOCTOR JEKYLL.

Definitely one of the best poster from the movie, ISLAND OF TERROR!

One Hell of a poster, translation is NIGHT OF THE UNDEAD.

This one cracks me up, it's for THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION. Makes me wonder what the kids in Japan must have thought when they saw this turkey for the first time! Like, you know, compared to MATANGO!

I think this poster is from Turkey, and, I'm pretty sure it has something to do with an octopus.

A really nice Asian poster from DAY OF THE DEAD...

We'll end with this great poster I think from the YOKAI MONSTERS series, have fun kids!


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translucentmind: The Pawns of Null A, 1960 // Ed Emshwiller [feedly]

translucentmind: The Pawns of Null A, 1960 // Ed Emshwiller
// Hyperwave


The Pawns of Null A, 1960 // Ed Emshwiller


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Pulp Fonts [feedly]

Pulp Fonts
// Fontcraft: Scriptorium Fonts, Art and Design

macdonald10In the 1930s there was an explosion of popular literature in the form of pulp novels and magazines, featuring lurid covers and scandalous content in a diversity of genres from suspense to mystery to science fiction to westerns. Pulp novel covers had a distinctive style and that included the use of characteristic lettering styles, and we've developed a special collection of fonts which capture the key elements of pulp style.

sundownThe fonts include Area of Suspicion which is based on the lettering used on novels by John D. MacDonald, Shayne from the covers of the Mike Shayne detective novels, Big Show a classic western font, Startling Stories from the magazine of the same name, Dahlgren which is a quintessential science fiction style, plus Highball and Ripley and Stonehouse which are excellent for secondary headings and titles.

assigmentThe fonts included in the package are typical of pulp cover design in the 1940s and 1950s and make excellent fonts for retro poster designs, book covers and other uses.

The Pulp Fonts Package is $59 but for a limited time you can ORDER IT ONLINE, and get it for $10 off with the coupon code MACDONALD.

If you like this package you may also like our Modern Poster fonts and Futuristic Fonts packages.



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Science Fiction Classics #10 Now on Sale [feedly]

Science Fiction Classics #10 Now on Sale
// Black Gate

Science Fiction Classics 10-smallIf you're a pulp fan like me, you're always interested in high quality facsimile reproductions of pulp magazines, especially ones available at reasonable prices. So I was delighted to discovered Science Fiction Classics, a magazine that reproduces a complete pulp magazine with every issue. They've published ten issues so far, focusing (so far) exclusively on that grand old lady of the pulps, Amazing Stories.

The most recent issue, Science Fiction Classics #10, reproduces one of the rarest early pulps, and certainly the rarest issue of Amazing — the very first Amazing Stories Annual, from 1927. It includes the complete Barsoom novel The Master Mind of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and a short story by A. Hyatt Verrill, as well as five reprints — two classics from A. Merritt, including the long novella "The Face in the Abyss" and "The People of the Pit," and tales by Austin Hall, Jacque Morgan, and H. G. Wells. It also contains interior artwork by Frank R. Paul, Gambee, and others. The complete contents are:

Preface by Hugo Gernsback
The Master Mind of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs
"The Face in the Abyss" by A. Merritt (1923)
"The Man Who Saved the Earth" by Austin Hall (1919)
"The People of the Pit" by A. Merritt (1918)
"The Man Who Could Vanish" by A. Hyatt Verrill
"The Feline Light & Power Company Is Organized" by Jacque Morgan (1912)
"Under the Knife" by H. G. Wells (1896)

Science Fiction Classics is published by Pulp Tales Press. Issues are print on demand, and available through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Lulu, and other places. Issue #10 was published on June 3, 2015; it is 132 pages, priced at $12.95. The cover is by Frank R. Paul. Order right at the Pulp Tales Press website.

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