Tuesday, June 30, 2015

13 Great Spook Show Posters [feedly]

13 Great Spook Show Posters
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So, I got my post ready last night only to discover on the third double check that I already did that post! Since it was such a crap movie I was relieved that I didn't have to do it. Then, I went through my weird poster file and went online to grab a few more for the post. While doing that I came across a bunch of SPOOK SHOW posters and decided to showcase some of them instead, it's like a happy accident...

This one is my favorite of the batch, the images of all the monsters are simply terrific!

This one is for a Friday The 13th Spook Party, definitely the kind of party I like!

Here's one that features Dr. Silkini's Spiritualistic Séance and Ghost Show where women should be accompanied by male escorts!

They bring in Dr. Jekyll to host this Weird Show featuring good old Frankenstein in person!

This time it's Francisco and His Big Midnight Spook Frolic with Mystery and Laughs.

Here's another great Friday the 13th Spook Show poster with a Witch brewing up trouble.

A nice Friday the 13th Midnight Jinx Show poster from 1953 featuring the movies DRACULA and GHOST CATCHERS.

Love this eye popping Horror Film Fest from 2011, green and red are great colors used here.

Wow, here's a nice poster featuring a skeleton, a tarantula and two black cats!

A Spook Show poster with a skeleton couple and their little ghostly kid!

Alright!.. A Halloween Spooks On Our Stage Show touting some Thrills & Chills for you!

Dracula leaves Hollywood to make an appearance for the showing of HOUSE OF THE LIVING DEAD!

Here's a great example of recent Spook Show poster presented by Museum Of The Weird - Check in tomorrow when Eegah!! will have yet another movie to check out, just for you!..


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