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COMANCHE BLANCO - William Shatner - "White Comanche" (1968)

COMANCHE BLANCO - William Shatner - "White Comanche" (1968)
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It's a Shaturday Night Special in The Dungeon, because if you thought "The Intruder" was strange, just wait until you see The Shat in "White Comanche!"
On top of everything else, the music in "White Comanche" is not like anything you're ever likely to hear in a cowboy movie now or ever again, and was written by French composer Jean Ledrut! Listen to this short segment, and let me know if you disagree!

 "Comanche Blanco" or "White Comanche" is a Spanish film made in 1968 that stars William Shatner in the role of two brothers that are half white and half Comanche. One leans one way, the other goes to the other side! It's also well known as "Rio Hondo!" Here's the whole story in one sentence!
 They don't like each other!

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further adieu, here's William Shatner again in another one of his underappreciated but amazing accomplishments!

This is The Shat as gunslinger Johnny Moon!

 This is The Shat as Johnny's brother Notah Moon, an unmercilessness killer, and the leader of a small group of Indians that are more like an 1800's biker gang than a tribe!

 They could have just done it up right and ended it right here, but Johnny tells Notah to meet him in four days in a little town called Rio Hondo, and they can settle their differences once and for all! Notah's girlfriend is pretty Perla ("Espionage In Tangiers!") Cristal as White Fawn.

 You gotta admit that Bill makes a damn fine lookin' cowboy!

 As an Indian, not so much! 
Curiously enough, Notah never puts on a shirt at any time in the movie, but he does like to eat Peyote, which was interesting, but of no consequence. Unlike a lot of films that feature the same person as more than one character, the only scenes that the two brothers appear in together, one of them is off in the distance and is an unrecognizable stunt man!

The small but mighty core cast includes Joseph (Citizen Kane, Soylent Green) Cotten and Rosanna (Kiss Me Monster) Yanni! Sure, it might not be their finest moments, but this is a cowboy movie, what do you expect? I was raised on a steady diet of western movies and TV shows, and "White Comanche" isn't all that bad, believe me!

 I read somewhere that they called "White Comanche" one of the worst 100 movies ever made! Whoever said that has evidently not watched as many bad movies as me, because this really doesn't deserve that rating!

 "White Comanche" has some classic looking shots like this that make it easy to watch!

 On a Dungeon Pop Culture Scale of one to ten, having William Shatner and Rosanna Yanni in  a scene like this together is at least a nine and a half!

This shot of Bill and Joe is so cool, it doesn't even look real!

 Rosanna Yanni just might be Wesen! She's not really that good looking, and she's not that great of an actress, but she's got something red-blooded guys just have got to have!

 If there is a genre of film making called "Early Spanish Western Giallo" then "White Comanche" is a leader in the field! I think it's either five or six guys who get shot right between the eyes like this!

 They break the cardinal rule when an innocent kid gets killed in the crossfire of a shootout!

 I had to watch this sequence four or five times in a row. That guy back there gets shot and topples over that bale of hay head over heels! It's pretty slapstick!

 Aw, Damn! He's back!
 Just like Adam Cramer, Notah has to deliver a sermon to his followers to get them all fired up to take over!

For the final duel between the twin brothers, they both go shirtless, so you'll just have to guess who wins!
 Jeez, life without William Shatner would go on, but it sure wouldn't be the same!


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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Some Santo Mexican Lobby Card Stocking Stuffers

Some Santo Mexican Lobby Card Stocking Stuffers
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Well, I was trying to make some Tabonga Chuckles, but, Photoshop was totally screwing with me and I don't have time to try and figure out what's wrong, so, here's my Plan 9 for today's post!.. That's right, Santo and some of the many villains he clobbered throughout the years!

In SANTO CONTRA EL ESTRANGULADOR, our hero battles an insane strangler that's after his friends. What's up with those musical notes on the poster? Well, watch the flick and find out!

SANTO CONTRA LAS MUJERES VAMPIRO has a professor recruiting Santo to protect his daughter from vampires intent on kidnapping her and marrying her to the devil!

In SANTO Y BLUE DEMON CONTRA DRACULA Y EL HOMBRE LOBO, our heroes tangle with good old Dracula and his wolfman backup, lots of insane fun here!

SANTO CONTRA LA HIJA DE FRANKESTEIN is another wild movie, a mad female scientist needs Santo's blood for a youth serum, and she has Frankenstein's reliable monster to help her get it!

In SANTO Y BLUE DEMON CONTRA LOS MONSTRUOS, our wrestling buddies battle a mad doctor and his army of reanimated monsters, in order to save the world from the madman's insane invasion... I love it, my best monster pal, OOK!, is there on the right side of the poster!

Our hero is back in SANTO EN LA VENGANZA DE LAS MUJERES VAMPIRO for another 12 rounds of brutal action as he once again kicks ass and takes no vampire names!

It's even more vampires in SANTO EN EL TESORO DRACULA. This time, Santo invents a time machine (what the Hell!) and uses it to find the hidden location of DrĂ¡cula's treasure, and must hunt down the bloody vampire and stomp him a goodern!

Love this poster for SANTO EN EL HOTEL DE LA MUERTE!.. Of course, there's mystery, murder and suspense in the creepy old Hotel Of Death! Oh, and hot chicks in their see-thru nighties!

Wolf (NEUTRON) Ruvinskis also stars as the head Martian in SANTO EN LA INVASION DE LOS MARCIANOS. You got it, the Martians come to Earth to try and take it over, Santo foils them!

Our last card is for SANTO CONTRA LOS ZOMBIES. This time, Santo battles an evil scientist who has created a race of zombies to take over Mexico! Tune in again tomorrow for more wild 'n' weird Dungeon X-Mas Cargo!

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